Posted by: ColorfulRN | December 6, 2009

My Philosophy of Nursing

     My Nursing Philosophy

                 Nursing is not just a career, it is intertwined in the way we think, make decisions, and prioritize values. Of the values of utmost importance are health, well-being, trust, and autonomy. I believe that a nurse gravitates toward these values before the notion of a career even comes into consideration. Consequently, prior to nursing school a nurse will strive for good health, and promote well-being. A nurse will value relationships and honor the bonds of trust in them. A nurse believes in autonomy and refrains from imposing power or force on any other person, and fights for the rights to choose.

                Nursing is an art and science. Certainly the facts and skills learned in school are required in this field, but there is an art to nursing as well. Nurses utilize therapeutic communication, and an intuition regarding the well-being of patients. Nurses are flexible, creative, and considerate which is necessary but isn’t learned in a textbook or skills lab, but practiced as an art. A nurse has the ability to use the science of nursing artfully in the most effective way to provide the best outcome for patients.

                Nursing exists to help patients improve their well-being. Whether that means recovering from an illness, or obtaining a peaceful and pain-free death the importance of competent nursing is the same. Nurses promote health and well-being. An aspect of this purpose is to educate the public, and to teach patients how to manage their own care. Nurses are patient advocates. They are the voices of those patients who are unable to talk, or too unstable to make sound decisions. Nurses exist to research the best care available by means of evidence-based practice. Nurses are there to care for the patient, the patient’s family, the public, and other health care professionals. Nurses are the voices and faces of social change. Through political lobbying, and communication amongst healthcare professionals and politicians, nurses are at the front lines of change in laws and public policy.

                Nurses are selfless. Nurses give their knowledge, skill and compassion to their patients and community. Nurses are leaders in service. They reach out to those in need, and find assistance for the underserved. Nurses help their communities, and influence others to do so.

                In the future my goals for the nursing profession are for it to expand. Yes, nursing now incorporates many advanced practice professional organizations and certifications, but what if that could include more areas? Some argue that the need for Physicians would diminish if the expertise and educational advancement of the nursing profession was expanded. Yet, physicians treat the disease where nurses treat the patient. These are two different purposes entirely. Cooperation in this increase in expertise could only help the patients and community. If nurses had more education in different areas, than perhaps care plans would improve along with patient health. In addition my goal is for nurses to continue to stand as leaders, and improve not only the health of patients locally, but worldwide. The professional development in the nursing profession is promising and I look forward to being a part of this growth.



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