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Biosketch of Briana Terrill


Briana Terrill

Hello! My name is Briana Terrill and I am a Registered Nurse, and completing my Master’s of Science in Nursing, in the Evidence-Based Practice Program in conjunction with the LEND program (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and other related Disabilities) at the University of New Hampshire. My anticipated graduation date is this May, 2013. My academic career at The University of New Hampshire has  been enriching and inspiring. The clinical experiences paired with classroom learning  and volunteer opportunities has provided me with the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance my career as a nurse.

UNH Special Health Fair 2012

UNH Special Health Fair

One of the highlights of my undergraduate education, is that I took a leadership role in developing and organizing the 1st annual UNH Special Health Fair with other senior nursing students. This fair included participation from many on campus organizations and included booths run by sophomore and junior nursing students. This event helped operationalize leadership, teamwork and community health concepts from my education.


Team led by myself, and other senior nursing students.

One of the highlights of my graduate education is the NH LEND program. “The NH Leadership in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Program (NH LEND) is a collaboration between the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, the Institute on Disability/UCED at the University of New Hampshire, and the Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies/UCED at the University of Maine. The purpose of NH LEND is to improve the health of children and youth with neurodevelopmental disabilities by preparing leaders to enter the field of maternal and child health. Trainees from a wide variety of professional disciplines engage in training related to interdisciplinary, family-centered, culturally competent systems of care for children and youth with developmental disabilities and their families. Since 1993, NH LEND has provided graduate level interdisciplinary training in maternal and child health/developmental disabilities for students and professionals at UNH” (NH LEND).


                  Summary of my participation in the NH LEND Program:

  • Developed leadership skills that address the needs of children who have neurodevelopmental disabilities (NDD) and their families, in order to move into leadership roles in my community.
  • Developed an understanding of public policy and evidence-based care.
  • Participated in clinical training at Child Health Services -Special Medical Services and the Seacoast Child Development Clinic at the University of New Hampshire.

To learn more about this program please visit:

Camp Allen

Camp Allen

My work experience has also provided me with varied and diverse experience. Camp Allen is a camp located in Bedford, NH that is for children and adults of ALL ages with disabilities. Counselors come from all over the world, and make camp the best experience for the campers. Nursing at Camp Allen is filled with s’mores, med administrations, tending to emergency situations, and of course ensuring that the campers are having the best times of their lives.

To learn more about Camp Allen visit:

In addition, I have work experience at Great Bay Services which is a day and residential program for adults with disabilities. My responsibilities include medication administration, health promotion, health coordination through appointments and communication with health care practitioners.

My  work and education experience has given me excellent skills in:

  • Communication
  • Family Centered Care
  • Evidence-Based Practice
  • Health Promotion
  • Emergency response
  • Medication administration
  • Diversity and Cultural Awareness
  • Leadership
  • Policy
  • Teamwork
  • Conflict management
  • Research
  • Resources for individuals with disabilities
  • Interdisciplinary communication, skills, and projects

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Briana Lee Terrill


  • To obtain an RN position where I can provide quality and safe nursing care, while utilizing and expanding my nursing skills and knowledge.


The University of New Hampshire          Durham, NH

  • MSN  Evidence-Based Practice  [Anticipated Graduation May 2013]
  • BSN, Summa Cum Laude [GPA 3.98]

Work Experience

  • 07/12-Present:  Registered Nurse  Great Bay Services – Newington, NH                                                                           – Administered nursing care in group homes for individuals with disabilities.


  • 09/12- Present: Graduate Teaching Assistant  The University of New Hampshire Nursing Department               Taught lab-based classes for sophomore nursing students.  


  • 06/12- 08/28: Registered Nurse  Camp Allen Bedford, NH

Responsible for the health maintenance, emergency response and medication administration of children and                  adults with disabilities.


  • 06/11-08/28: Licensed Nursing Assistant  Camp Allen Bedford, NH

Assisted nurses in the care and health promotion in a camp setting for adults and children with disabilities.


Clinical Experience/Education

  • ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

–      Portsmouth Regional Hospital: Portsmouth, NH [Clinical Immersion Spring 2012]

  • Medical Surgical Rotations

                      –      Wentworth Douglass Hospital: Dover NH [Spring 2010]

–      Exeter Hospital: Exeter NH [Fall 2010]

  • Labor & Delivery Rotation

–      Southern New Hampshire Medical Center: Nashua NH [Spring 2011]

  • Mental Health Rotation

–      Portsmouth Regional Hospital: Portsmouth, NH [Fall 2011]

  • Hospital Celaya, Celaya, Mexico: Cross Cultural Nursing Experience [March 2010]
    • Course in Basic Arrhythmias [December 2010]

Activities & Awards

  • Student Nursing Organization- Board Member: Volunteer Coordinator  [2010 & 2011]
  • Golden Key Honor Society [Inducted 2010]
  • UNH Dean’s List: Recognized each semester
  • National Student Nursing Association [Member since 2008]
  • UNH LEAD program certificate student:
  • 2011 UNH Nursing Department Scholarship Recipient
  • Honors Thesis: Health Promotion in Young Adults with Disabilities

Community Involvement

  • The NH Special Olympics [2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011]
  • UNH Relay for Life –Team Captain [2010 & 2011]

Electronic Nursing Portfolio Link:

My Resume (word document) : RESUME 2013

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My Course Outline


Spring 2013: 

HHS 898: Special Topics: Neurodevelopmental Disabilities and other Related Disorders

Nurs 925: Healthcare System Leadership

Nurs 955: Advanced Nursing Practice Practicum

Nurs 956: Capstone Project Seminar

Nurs 960: Translating Research into Evidence Based Practice

Fall 2012:

HHS 898: Special Topics: Neurodevelopmental Disabilities and other Related Disorders

Nurs 908: Advanced Clinical Application in Human Physiology

Nurs 951: Clinical Epidemiology and Decision Analysis

Nurs 953: Promoting Quality Management

Summer 2012:

Nurs 901: Nursing & Change in the Health Care Service and Delivery System

Spring 2012:

Nurs 900: The Discipline of Nursing


Spring 2012: 

Nurs 720: Clinical Decision Making III

Nurs 720C: Clinical Immersion

Nurs 794: Special Topics/Honors Seminar

Fall 2011:

HHS 698: Special Topics: Medication Safety/Administration

Nurs 703: Nursing Leadership/Management

Nurs 618: Alterations in Mental Health

Nurs 618C: Alterations in Mental Health Clinical

Nurs 624: Nursing in the Community

Nurs 624C: Nursing in the Community Clinical

Nurs 794: Special Topics/Honors Seminar

Spring 2011:

Nurs 622: Clinical Decision Making II

Nurs 620: Childbearing-Rearing Family

-Clinical simulation lab

Nurs 620C: Childbearing-Rearing Family Clinical

Nurs 794: Special Topics/Honors Seminar

Fall 2010:

Nurs 615: Adult Health Nursing

-Clinical Simulation Lab

Nurs 615C: Adult Health Nursing Clinical

Nurs 619: Clinical Decision Making I

Nurs 645: Nursing Research

Spring 2010:

Nurs 502: Concepts of Pathophysiology/Pharmocology

Nurs 508: Foundations of Nursing Judgement

Nurs 514: Techniques of Clinical Nursing

-Clinical Lab

Nurs 595: Women’s Health

Nurs 794: Cross cultural nursing trip to Mexico

Fall 2009:

Nurs 501: Introduction to Nursing

Micr 501: Microbes in Human Disease

-Microbiology Lab

Thda 583: Introduction to Puppetry

Nurs 535: Death & Dying

Spring 2009:

MLS 444b: The Unseen Menace: Diseases in Human History

Zool 508: Anatomy and Physiology II

-Anatomy & Physiology Lab

Phil 424: Philosophy of Science, Technology & Society

Psych 402: Statistics in Psychology

Fall 2008:

Psych 401: Introduction to Psychology

Nutr 400: Nutrition Health and Well-Being

– Nutrition Lab

Span 503: Introduction to Spanish

Zool 507: Anatomy & Physiology I

-Anatomy & Physiology Lab

Transfer Credits/Courses:

AP English Literature – Satisfied freshmen english 401

Intro to IT- Southern New Hampshire- Satisfied Gen Ed # 3b

Child Development- NCC 3 general credits

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My Philosophy of Nursing

     My Nursing Philosophy

                 Nursing is not just a career, it is intertwined in the way we think, make decisions, and prioritize values. Of the values of utmost importance are health, well-being, trust, and autonomy. I believe that a nurse gravitates toward these values before the notion of a career even comes into consideration. Consequently, prior to nursing school a nurse will strive for good health, and promote well-being. A nurse will value relationships and honor the bonds of trust in them. A nurse believes in autonomy and refrains from imposing power or force on any other person, and fights for the rights to choose.

                Nursing is an art and science. Certainly the facts and skills learned in school are required in this field, but there is an art to nursing as well. Nurses utilize therapeutic communication, and an intuition regarding the well-being of patients. Nurses are flexible, creative, and considerate which is necessary but isn’t learned in a textbook or skills lab, but practiced as an art. A nurse has the ability to use the science of nursing artfully in the most effective way to provide the best outcome for patients.

                Nursing exists to help patients improve their well-being. Whether that means recovering from an illness, or obtaining a peaceful and pain-free death the importance of competent nursing is the same. Nurses promote health and well-being. An aspect of this purpose is to educate the public, and to teach patients how to manage their own care. Nurses are patient advocates. They are the voices of those patients who are unable to talk, or too unstable to make sound decisions. Nurses exist to research the best care available by means of evidence-based practice. Nurses are there to care for the patient, the patient’s family, the public, and other health care professionals. Nurses are the voices and faces of social change. Through political lobbying, and communication amongst healthcare professionals and politicians, nurses are at the front lines of change in laws and public policy.

                Nurses are selfless. Nurses give their knowledge, skill and compassion to their patients and community. Nurses are leaders in service. They reach out to those in need, and find assistance for the underserved. Nurses help their communities, and influence others to do so.

                In the future my goals for the nursing profession are for it to expand. Yes, nursing now incorporates many advanced practice professional organizations and certifications, but what if that could include more areas? Some argue that the need for Physicians would diminish if the expertise and educational advancement of the nursing profession was expanded. Yet, physicians treat the disease where nurses treat the patient. These are two different purposes entirely. Cooperation in this increase in expertise could only help the patients and community. If nurses had more education in different areas, than perhaps care plans would improve along with patient health. In addition my goal is for nurses to continue to stand as leaders, and improve not only the health of patients locally, but worldwide. The professional development in the nursing profession is promising and I look forward to being a part of this growth.